The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center is building the new future of the arts.

Located on the University of Maryland's Campus in the City of College Park, this creative performing arts center hosts a plethora of arts from the Grammy nominated National Orchestral Institute and Festival, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, NextNOW Fest, and much more. In addition, they are a strong community arts ally and partner. Learn more at (We are excited that the Clarice sponsored this important event this year!)

The College Park Arts Exchange brings together people from different neighborhoods, ethnic groups, and generations. 

CPAE makes nearby artistic, cultural, creative, and educational resources available to local residents of all ages and backgrounds, enhancing their quality of life and strengthening relations among the University of Maryland, the City of College Park, public schools, and other community institutions. Learn more at (and visit them at the Old Parish House and at the Night of the Museum Rock Concert!)

Pyramid Atlantic's mission is to create a collaborative community that fosters the artistic disciplines of papermaking, printmaking, and book arts. 

Located in Historic Hyattsville, Pyramid's vision is to create an artistic hub that inspires local and international artists, elevates the local arts and small business scene, and enhances the quality of life for artists and neighbors. Learn more at (And visit them at Hyattsville's Hub at Melrose Park!)

Art Works Now is a women-led nonprofit arts organization that envisions a world where all people explore and engage in creative practices to transform their lives and their communities.

Art Works Now serves students of all ages and abilities and provides them with age-appropriate, high-quality arts learning experiences catered to their interests and needs. We provide students with the tools, instruction, and a great studio space to stimulate creative exploration alongside a community of their peers. Learn more at (And visit them at the Hyattsville Mini-Spot Hub for a public art demonstration!)