Sponsor and Participate in Trolley Trail Day 2024!

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring and participating in Trolley Trail Day 2024!

Trolley Trail Day 2023 was a tremendous success – over 1,500 people participated and over 50 businesses and organizations attended or supported the event. Read the event summary. Now, we are working together again to plan a day of activities to highlight and celebrate our much-loved Rhode Island Avenue Trolley Trail that connects College Park, Riverdale Park, and Hyattsville. And we seek your involvement for Trolley Trail Day 2024!


What: Trolley Trail Day: Fun Run, Bicycle Ride, Local Music, Kid Activities, Food and Drink, and more!

When: Saturday June 8, 2024


Sponsoring/Participating Businesses

We hope each business will contribute toward this effort.  To be a participating business, you will provide something of value for Trolley Trail Day – a discount, a food sample, a particular drink special, sponsor the event with a monetary donation, or host a program/event the day of June 8, etc. 


Trolley: At least $2,500 monetary or in-kind donation

Tandem Bicycle: At least $1,000 monetary or in-kind donation

Bicycle: At least $500 monetary or in-kind donation

Tricycle: At least $250 monetary or in-kind donation

Stroller: At least $100 monetary or in-kind donation


Brochures and materials will list all “participating businesses.”  T-shirts will display names and logos of businesses that contribute at least a $250 monetary or in-kind donation.


To be recognized on t-shirts or materials, please submit your sponsorship or donation information by April 15, 2024.

If you're ready to sponsor, please use the button below. 

If you're interested in participating in another way, please use this form. You may also contact Valerie Woodall to discuss at valerie@anacostiatrails.org or 845-649-2477.